Book: God Is With Us!


Soft Cover
208 Pages



Book-2-TOCSit back and relax! And get ready to be inspired, challenged, and affirmed in your own spiritual journey as you read this book. Janice once again writes simply and clearly about how God is so present in all the daily stuff in our lives, stuff that we so often think of as unimportant in our faith journey. Those of us who know Janice and have heard her speak or have read her previous book, know that her relationship with God—better said, her experience of Jesus in her life—provides the lens through which she sees everything. Even what we so easily consider insignificant choices and events in our lives are part of his carefully laid out plan for our lives.

I am especially grateful for the way Janice avoids putting an overly pious description on her encounters with God. Instead she is down-to-earth, real life, unedited, and honest in her own struggles and successes in discerning the ways God is working in her life and calling her to greater conversion.

I am confident that as you read this book you will find yourself nodding your head (not nodding off), and finding her words and experiences resonate deeply with your own. May the Holy Spirit work through her words and draw each of us forward into a greater response to the personal call we are given to know Jesus intimately and invite him into every area of our lives.

Fr. Dave Gutmann
Pastor, Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Beaverton, Oregon


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