Ponderings on Pain

Where do you turn when the pain is so bad
when you can’t find sleep and it’s making you mad?
When you cry and you moan and no one hears…
Go to the cross and meet Jesus there.

He is the one who can share your pain
He knows what it’s like for He bore the shame
Of his passion and death in His agony
He suffered and died at Calvary.

He walked that road for you and me
He walked that road to set us free
He walked that road because of love
He prays for us now in heaven above.

So when you’re hurting, aim for this goal:
Offer it up for another one’s soul.
Don’t waste your suffering, unite it with His
Who offered His life so that all could live.

Our pain has a purpose, when paired with His grace.
Helping another one finish the race.
Never despair then, but cling to this hope:
Jesus is with you, in His strength you can cope