Retreat Feedback – Book Reviews following

“I’ve been processing all that the Lord did through your ministry of love with us. Janice, every person I’ve talked to was incredibly blessed and thrilled with your ministry. No one seems to be able to find the words, but after a week or more, I think I am beginning to understand the power of it. It was finding Jesus in a person who is just like us: a daughter, a mom, a sister a wife. You shared from your heart so honestly and powerfully. We could see ourselves in you and KNOW as never before that Jesus IS real and active in all the circumstances of our lives. We’ve had so many famous speakers and power-house speakers, but it wasn’t until you came that my faith went deeper than it has ever been! It is very hard to articulate, but I love Jesus more, see Him more and am listening more than before you came.” Mary Rients, Walker, MN

“I am savoring everything about our retreat! The Holy Spirit’s Presence was so tangible speaking & glowing through you! I didn’t want the night to end. I felt like Peter when he said (paraphrased) to Jesus at the Transfiguration, “Let’s build tents & just stay here.” Janice, I love you! I want to live in your pocket & hang out with you & Jesus full time! Pat Hackney – Chico, CA

“Thank you for hosting the Advent evening of reflection in Chico. It was wonderful and a perfect send-off into the Christmas season. Your anecdotal lessons were very good, Janice, with which we could identify on a personal level. God was with us during the two hour session. Thank you for doing what you are doing. Keep up the good work!” Solveig Stephens – Chico, CA

Janice Carleton, devoted wife and mother of 4, gave a very powerful witness at Church of the Epiphany in Port Orange, Florida. Her Advent Retreat titled “Be Still and Know that I Am God” flowed seamlessly between beautiful reflections and inspired music. She is truly a gift from God, and she is filled with the joy of living in the Lord.” Mary Jo Mercier – Port Orange, FL

“Well done good and faithful servant! You are awesome! Great stories and told in such a down to earth way that we can all connect with you. What I most like about the way you present, is the way you present holiness in a way that is human, not angelic. Many positive comments today! You struck some really good ‘chords’ within folks – proof of the Holy Spirit working thru you.” Fr. Dave Gutmann – Pastor, Holy Trinity – Beaverton, OR

“I am so grateful for your ministry. I always have trouble trying to sit down and read the Bible, and look for meaningful verses. I bought your book and decided just to use the verses you quote in your book for starters, and try to meditate on them. I just felt like I was at an oasis in the desert on Saturday, and reading your book brings me back to that place.” Mary Jo Nyssen – Salem, OR

“I so much enjoyed your presentation at St. Paul’s Church in Davis, CA. I received several nuggets of insight to help me along my journey.Thanks so much for sharing your truly humble and joyful walk with our awesome God.” Dolores Sears

“Thank you for your lovely retreat at St. James Davis. It was a soothing balm for my soul! Your music, words and praise opened my heart, and I felt a renewal of my love for Jesus and our dear Lord!” Paulette Stelte

“Thank you! Thank God! You were inspired!!! It was SO cool to see blessings leave you and reach us, all morning! Thanks again.” Fr. Mark

“Janice, I had a wonderful retreat! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentations and your music. Your faith and love of the Lord shine through… thank you. Please continue to inspire women!” Judy Morris

“I want to thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I’m closer to our Lord today after the retreat on Saturday.” Jorja Gonzalez-Leon

“I enjoyed your presentation very much. It was lively and interesting. I was able to relate to your experiences and found your insights helpful for spiritual growth. Thank you for sharing your story.” Sharon Williams

“Hope you are enjoying the afterglow of a fine retreat! WELL DONE. I saw a lot of the women last night at mass and ALL of them were eager to share how powerful the morning was for them. As pastor I am GRATEFUL for your ministry to the folks entrusted to my care! Peace be with you!” Fr. Dave

“Janice, You did an amazing job. You are a very gifted speaker with a beautiful heart. Thanks for sharing. I heard wonderful feedback.”

Book Reviews

“I have just finished reading Janice’s book and frankly, am very impressed. Janice intersperses her everyday life with her love of Jesus and how He can speak to us in so many different ways! She has been gifted and is sharing that with us in her book! I highly recommend it! It makes for easy reading, yet, delivers a powerful message!”

Your sister gave me a copy of your book and after beginning to read it, I wanted to share it with my mom and a friend. Thanks for your effort in writing and publishing it. It has blessed and consoled me a lot.” Mary Herbst – San Jose, CA

“I found your book to be a pleasant read and your candid, honest approach heart warming.” Robin

“Your book was the perfect companion on my personal Lenten retreat this year. I have already recommended it to two of my friends since I have come home. You touched my heart. Thank you.” Olivia Rossi – Lake Oswego, OR

“I read your book several times; very deep reading! My married granddaughters have read it as well and stated it was enlightening and spiritual. Thank you for letting Jesus shine through you.” Brenda Neville – Altadena, CA

“Thank you so much for writing your book. I was blessed, yes, I cried, laughed and praised the Lord for inspiring you to do the work. I plan to re-read, I got three copies to share as the Lord leads. Thank you for your personal sharing – it is so powerful. God bless your ministry! Marty Kersey – Chico, CA

“Truly, I loved your book and was deeply inspired by it. God is so alive in you and that just jumps off the pages containing every anecdotal story. They warmed my heart and have inspired me to be more creative in the ways I communicate with my children. Believe it or not, I sometimes find myself saying, “I wonder what Janice might have thought to do in this circumstance?” God bless you, Janice, and KEEP WRITING!!!!” Paige Rosato – New Orleans

“My friend Janice wrote this incredible book. I loved every story and I know you will too. She lives an authentic life with God, her family and friends. I’ve known her since kindergarten. You will enjoy her writing.” Julia Jenkins