“He entered once for all into the sanctuary.” Heb. 9:11

Jesus made a way for us to enter into the very throne room of God! I wonder how often we realize that God invites us into the sanctuary, into His very Presence whenever we please. Do you think that if I showed up at the White House, I would be ushered into President Biden’s oval office just because I said I wanted to see him? Of course not! And yet the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords allows us access to His Presence every day, 24 hours a day… you don’t even have to make an appointment!

Our lives are so busy, maybe we should add “appointment with God” into our phone calendars to repeat every day. If we set a time, and pick a place without distractions and turn off our phones, maybe we will actually slow down enough to enter in. It’s not easy to be still in this crazy fast-paced world, but the benefits are amazing: peace beyond understanding; strength for the day; joy for the journey; the knowledge that we are loved unconditionally and the assurance of a forever home in heaven. It doesn’t get any better than that!

May we each take time every day to enter into God’s awesome Presence, and worship the living God who is always available to us. Thank Him for all of your blessings, and like Mary, “ponder these things in your heart.” Let Him love you and guide you and forgive you and teach you and comfort you and give you everything you could possibly need.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get into the habit of making time with God our first priority every day.