Christmas Love


Oh what wonder, what delight

to see the baby born that night.

In a humble stable far away

Angels were singing and shouting hooray!


Heaven came to earth for us

but not with all the normal fuss

that should accompany a King

No, He came without a robe or ring.


He came with nothing but His Name –

that Name which is above all names.

JESUS, our Emmanuel

of God’s great Love He came to tell.


Sent to save us, all were lost.

But what a price, oh what a cost.

Stripped and beaten, nailed to a tree

He died for us in agony.


He gladly died so we could live

Taught us to love and to forgive,

to keep our hearts open wide

and walk with Him side by side.


Ponder all that’s pure and true

Don’t let the world cloud your view.

See His face, it’s everywhere

He lives within each person here.


He sends us to the least and lost

Now each of us must count the cost.

Can we do all that we’re able

share the bread upon our table?


That’s the beauty of His story

– as we wait to see His glory.

Each of us can share His love

and help to make His Kingdom come.


It’s not always easy but we’ll be so glad

when we finally get to meet our Dad.

Jesus, Mary, and Spirit too

An awesome treasure awaits me and you!


So wake up now, don’t miss your call

For God won’t rest until we all

are safely home as we should be –

with Him for all eternity.