candyBarSkyA Reflection by Janice Carleton 

Be still and know that I am God… In the stillness, ponder afresh who I am. I am the Alpha & the Omega, the one true God, your Shepherd and King. I see all, know all, & give you every good thing. I am the God who made the universe & I love you! I alone am totally worthy of your trust. Let me help you each day, let me be your Father, let me comfort you, let me teach you. Let me carry the weight of your burdens. I long to spend time with you, letting you know just how much I love you!

Be still and know that I am… I am now, I always was, and I always will be. When you let me be your Lord and King, your life will take on new depth and meaning. All that I have said is true and one day when the battle between good and evil is over you will triumph with Me and share my glory! I am your future and your hope. We know the end of the story and we will live in paradise forever!!!

Be still and know… In quiet and trust is your strength. I will never leave you or forsake you. I came that you would have life, life abundantly. I will lift you up and set you on a high place. I am your sure foundation. I am all you need. The world distracts you with so many things, but I can show you the secrets of abundant life and eternal life, the secrets to joy on earth and joy forever. Let me teach you the things that really matter.

Be still… Sit quietly and absorb my love. Daily life is usually crazy busy. Stop all feverish activity. Take time from the hustle and bustle and be still. Let the stillness renew and energize you. Meet me in the stillness and let me speak to your heart. Revel in my delight in you. Stop your racing mind. Stop and just be. Breathe deeply and empty your mind of all anxious thoughts. Center yourself in Me… let Me hold you.

Be… I created you as human beings, not human doings. So be! Be all that I created you to be. Be yourself. Rejoice in being you! Be loving, be kind, be childlike, be an example of my love to others. But most importantly, be mine. Will you be mine – now and forever?