Recently I had a very exhilarating experience: I took a long walk in the pouring rain and it was so much fun! It made me feel more alive than I have for a long time. I started my walk as the clouds were gathering and on the way I told the Lord it would be fine with me if He let it rain. At one point I stopped to look up and found myself mesmerized by the different shades of grey, the vastness of the sky and immensity of the clouds. I felt like I was being drawn up into eternity as I stood there with my hands raised to the heavens. When I turned around to head back home the rain started falling and quickly turned into a downpour. What a blast!

I took my hood off and turned my face up to try to catch some rain drops on my tongue. A different kind of “communion” but I was honestly drinking in God’s love poured out to me. As I got more and more drenched, I started jumping in the mud puddles and ended up splashing all the way home. It almost felt like I was standing in the ocean because the water was squishing between my toes. I couldn’t stop smiling!

Getting closer to home, I noticed the storm drains in the street were clogged with leaves and dirt, so my fun walk also turned into a little service project. I cleaned out four by the time I got home. Lately I’ve been saying how sick I am of the rain and the dreary days here in Portland. What a surprise blessing to be able to enjoy the very thing I’ve been complaining about. Thank you Lord for “baptizing” me anew and for the gift of hot water. Taking a shower when I got home never felt better!