I will be one of the speakers this year at the ACCW Conference “Building Fellowship and Witness” April 22, 2017. This one-day Conference sponsored by the Archdiocese Council of Catholic Women will be held at St. Therese Catholic Church in Northeast Portland (NE 132nd Avenue and Halsey Street, Portland, Oregon 97230 in the Social Center.) All are welcome to come learn more about being a strong witness for our Catholic faith and practical ways for growing fellowship. The cost of the day is $40 per person, including lunch catered by Restaurante de Pomello. The Most Rev. Peter Smith, Auxiliary Bishop, will officiate at the Mass at 11:45 am with Rev. Stephen Geer concelebrating.

Agenda for the Day

8:30  Registration/Continental Breakfast/Networking
9:00  Conference Begins  9:20  “Building a Faith-Based Library” – Anne Jochim/Edith Fuller
10:30  “Building a New Life for a Refugee” – Catholic Charities
11:45  Mass with Auxiliary Bishop Peter Smith
12:30  Lunch
1:30  “Witnessing Through The Holy Spirit” – Janice Carleton
2:30  Closing

Deadline for registration is April 14. For more information, please call Sue Anker 503-252-2574


The retreat in Minnesota was awesome praise God!!! Here is a follow-up letter I received today: “I’ve been processing all that the Lord did through your ministry of love with us. Janice, every person I’ve talked to was incredibly blessed and thrilled with your ministry. No one seems to be able to find the words, but after a week or more, I think I am beginning to understand the power of it. It was finding Jesus in a person who is just like us: a daughter, a mom, a sister a wife. You shared from your heart so honestly and powerfully. We could see ourselves in you and KNOW as never before that Jesus IS real and active in all the circumstances of our lives. We’ve had so many famous speakers and power-house speakers, but it wasn’t until you came that my faith went deeper than it has ever been! It is very hard to articulate, but I love Jesus more, see Him more and am listening more than before you came.” Mary, Walker, MN

My new book “God IS With Us” is available for purchase now! Just go to the “shop” page on this website, click on the icon of the book and you can place your order. The description of the book is on the second page (after you click on the icon) below the picture. Thanks so much for looking! Some feedback for the new book:

“I wanted to write to say that your beautiful, well-written, poignant book is the most informative book I have read in a long time. And it is in very simple language. You are a beautiful, natural ‘story teller’. Great reading…. my friend also enjoyed the book….we started reading and couldn’t put the book down!!!”

I was interviewed on Fr. Mike Mannings’ TV program in San Bernadino, CA. The show can be found on Father’s website. Here is the link to see the program:


Here are some responses to the interview:

“Well done Janice!  You come across very natural, comfortable, un-edited, and sincere—just as you do in your live presentations!  Well done.  You did great!” Fr. Dave Gutmann – Beaverton, OR

“I just watched the interview. I began to weep as it ended. Goosebumps. I was so proud of you and your life journey. Well done. You certainly shared a lot. Very much from your heart and vulnerable. Fr. Mike is so gracious. You can tell he was totally comfortable with you.” Fr. Cedric Pisegna, CP – Houston, TX

“I just finished watching your interview with Fr Manning.  I was really impressed how composed you were throughout the entire program.  I have a feeling the words you spoke will really resonate with a lot of people out there and you sure covered a lot of problems that people deal with every day.  You gave them hope, I’m sure.  All in all, very well done.” Arlyne Hazel – Chico, CA

“I was so pleased that I was able to find your 1/2 hour on TV with Fr. Manning this morning. There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit shines through you!!!! When you are a true believer it is so obvious.” Dick Safranski – Portland, OR

Two photos from the taping.

TV with Fr. MikeTV with Fr. Mike Manning